Whether you like them in muted shades or prefer to brighten up the world with multicoloured patterns, your leggings have an important role to play in heat regulation when running. The right tights can do a great job of cooling you down when you’re sweating hard or keeping you warm on chilly early morning runs – not to mention protecting you from wind, rain and harmful UV rays.

You’ll need leggings that both suit the conditions and fit you well, but finding the right pair of leggings that don’t fall down or ride up, chafe or make you too hot is easier said than done. Check the fit before you commit. Try different brands, styles and types of leggings to find the perfect fit for your body shape.

Stylewise, three-quarter-length cropped tights (or capris) will keep you cooler, while full-length thicker leggings will ensure you’re toasty on a winter’s day. Opt for compression tights for (possibly) faster muscle recovery and fewer aches after running.

Running leggings

A selection of the running leggings tested by the author, Camilla Artault (Image credit: Camilla Artault / Future)

We’ve been testing the best women’s running leggings since 2018, and have recommended our favourites, as well as using our experience to assess and spotlight popular styles in a number of categories to make your decision easier.

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