It was formerly felt that Lindsay Lohan’s often unreliable and careless conduct had been a result of ADHD. Brought in the spotlight for several wrong doings, Lindsay Lohan was screened and treated by physicians for this medical condition. In recent months however it has been confirmed by her present medical doctor that she doesn’t have ADHD. Many Americans, in particular small children, are misdiagnosed each and every year with ADHD. Some people that suffer from ADHD aren’t hyper in any respect; in fact, many children who have ADHD have a tendency to daze off and gaze into space and are not able to pay attention to projects currently happening.

ADHD has also been continuously mistaken for bipolar disorder, as they both include very similar indicators in youngsters. It is not till the child reaches teenage years those warning signs of ADHD and bipolar part ways. It may be come to the conclusion for Lindsay Lohan that her being addicted to drugs may have stemmed out of this misdiagnosis thus causing her to start to be hooked on a medicine which by no means ought to have been recommended by doctors.