In 1982, at the time of his dying, John Belushi was one of the more sought after personalities in Hollywood. A competent guy, part of the Blues Brothers plus a blessed actor, he met his early decline as a consequence of abuse of drugs. Belushi was well known for drinking after working on Saturday Night Live, and was always in search of the latest experience. He’d suffered a setback in terms of obtaining work that proved prosperous, but his talent has never been questioned.

Belushi liked to live the lifestyle of a rock and roll superstar, partying hard and fast. Illegal drugs had been perhaps the most common staple and when he was found dead in Hotel Chateau Marmont it was determined he had both cocaine and heroin in his system. New needle scars were found on his arms but friends weren’t shocked. Despair was amassed, but his buddies knew his partying way of living and weren’t stunned that his death was a consequence of drugs. After his passing away, some projects he was working on stood at a total halt, with close friends fearing that Belushi had cursed the jobs with his dying.