OCD, also known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is actually a ailment that can take over a person’s life. Rarely documented, mainly because of their awkwardness and disgrace, lots of individuals who suffer from this disease go without treatment. A person with OCD might have days or weeks with severe anxiousness and find themselves struggling to perform very simple responsibilities. Since a person with this ailment suffers often from high levels of stress and anxiety it isn’t uncommon that they may utilize harmful drugs as a method of comfort. This could possibly turn into a dangerous combination because someone who has this disease is already compulsive, making it simpler for them to turn into a prescription drug addict quickly.

If a person that has OCD results in being hooked on substances it is called a double medical diagnosis, because they have a emotional disease plus a drug addiction. Dual Diagnosis affected individuals must obtain care and attention by a trained practitioner in this subject. Since a person with OCD is likely to disguise their mental condition the possibility of them trying to hide a drug addiction is significant. A support group made up of loved ones may well be the only real hope he or she has.