Each and every year, a large number of confident college students in educational institutions across the nation register to become pledges. These students are usually pledging for an opportunity to get involved with a trendy fraternity on college campus. Fraternities provide you with advantages, although pledging can bring about hazing which can lead to fatal incidents.

Pledges are given all kinds of duties and tasks that they have to conduct to become asked to become a person in the fraternity. A number of fraternities throw elaborate functions and require that the pledges participate in the drinking. Though it may be under no circumstances the plan to murder a pledge, it has happened and alcoholic beverages is often the key. Alcohol poisoning is usually a leading reason as well as pledges choking on their own throw-up following passing out. Binge drinking is another reason that hazing can go wrong – at times folks hurt themselves while inebriated and the traumas prove to be lethal. To prevent critical university hazing, far more recognition must be added into the schools and individuals should find out that no level of acclaim may be worth the possibility of sacrificing your life.