The 1980’s youth acting professional Corey Haims had fought through the years because of substance abuse. The man used to be announced by several as being the poster child for drug use. On March 10, the year 2010, Corey Haims had been pronounced deceased at a nearby Burbank medical center. During the last month or so of his existence he had previously gone to see a number of medical doctors which each proposed him prescription drugs.

Even though he had began to clean his act up in current days through beginning a whole new process to help wean him from the prescription drugs he had taken for several years, it showed up from beginning information that he passed on as a result of an unintended pill overdose. As the days followed since his early end, the ultimate autopsy said that despite the fact that there were clearly a variety of pills in his system, there seemed to be inadequate of any single medicine to destroy him in addition to figuring that he passed away from a great deal of bloating in the bronchi, contributing to the prospect of pneumonia.